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Revamp Your Look with Mayar Style: Discover the Latest Trends in Fashion and Beauty!

Imagine walking into a room where East meets West, tradition greets modernity, and every piece tells a story. That’s the essence of Mayar style.

Our fashion accessories aren’t just items; they’re little treasures. Crafted with love, they mix age-old symbols like the evil eye with today’s trends. And the touch of gold and silver plating? That’s our way of adding a sprinkle of luxury to your everyday wear.

Our abayas and dresses have a tale of their own. They’re like that comforting embrace of tradition but with a fresh, modern whisper. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate embroidery or the bold contemporary vibes, there’s a piece that feels just right for you.

At Mayar, it’s not just about fashion. It’s about feeling good, standing out, and wearing your story. So, why not join us on this beautiful journey where the past and present meets together?

Our Story

How it all started

Mariem Rahal, the founder of MAYAR ACCESSORIES, is a seasoned retail industry expert with a global perspective gained from living in various countries. Mariem’s innate eye for detail, natural charisma, and adaptability make her an excellent entrepreneur who excels in managing customers, anticipating their desires and preferences, and staying ahead of market trends to supply accordingly.

Since its launch in 2018, MAYAR ACCESSORIES has been committed to offering unique designs and high-quality accessories that enhance a woman’s femininity and glamour. The brand is a fusion of rich oriental heritage, personal passion, and a sense of style that sets it apart from others. With a keen eye for innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, Mariem and her team have successfully created a brand that reflects their passion for excellence.

MAYAR ACCESSORIES has quickly established itself as one of the finest designers in the local accessories market, founded on a combination of regional values, an international taste, and a mindful vision. The brand’s success lies in the team’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality products that meet the needs and preferences of their clients.

Building on their success in the accessories market, Mariem and her team are now expanding their brand’s offering. They are moving towards designer clothing and abayas, creating a new line of products under the MAYAR STYLE brand. This move is a response to the growing demand from their loyal customer base, who have expressed a desire for a wider range of products from the brand.

The new collections will feature contemporary and traditional designs, with a focus on elegance and sophistication. The launch of the new designer clothing and abayas collections under the MAYAR STYLE brand will be accompanied by an extensive range of accessories, allowing customers to complete their look with matching jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

Mariem and her team are thrilled about this new chapter for the brand. They are committed to ensuring that MAYAR STYLE becomes a go-to destination for customers seeking elegant and sophisticated fashion products. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, MAYAR ACCESSORIES and MAYAR STYLE are poised to become leaders in the world of fashion.

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